Organizational & Personal Development

Venture Planning Partners Organizational and Personal Development programs and services are linked to the achievement of your organization's strategic management goals. Our organizational and personal development services include different Leadership and Team Building venue options based on experiential group learning through the dynamics of our fun and exciting multi-day Team Challenges Venue or our one day Emersion Workshop.

Multi-Day Team Challenges Venue

Team Challenges can take place over a 2 to 4 day period, ideally at one of our chosen outdoor venue locations. The team challenges are a proprietary range of team activities and games uniquely developed and adapted by Venture Planning Partners to meet the specific demographic profile, professional background, management level and the specific learning and development needs of your organization. The level of the team challenge complexity and the physical demands will be customized to each group's comfort level so all team members can fully participate and enjoy the challenges.

If your organization truly values the contribution of all employees, is entrepreneurally driven [or would like to become so], is committed to developing leadership at all levels, seeks to empower people and work teams to solve problems and seek out and develop new opportuntites, then this program is for you.

The team challenges are ideal for junior and middle management and will build and reinforce your organization's core values, management style and desire to truly serve your client groups or customers with a new understanding of the importance of the contribution of each member to the team and corporate goals.

Derek Mitchell has developed these challenges based on his own training as an Armoured Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, his extensive background as a Scouts Canada Leader and through his Wilderness Adventure Training. Derek has worked with numerous organizations and youth groups in leadership development and team building.

Dr. Robert Blunden also brings a strong background in personal development to this program and has worked in the Shad Valley Student Youth Development for over 15 years and is the past Director of the Dalhousie Shad Valley University Program.

Leadership and Team Building Emersion Workshop

Our one day Leadership and Team Building Workshop features a dynamic centerpiece PowerPoint preentation called What Makes Great Leaders and Teams "GREAT" and includes a series of compelling examples and stories of great leadership as well as vibrant and fun exercises to enhance learning during the day.


If you would like see a short overview and introduction to this powerful presentation, just click on the link below and it will open in your browser. Once your browser opens the PowerPoint [a dialogue box will prompt you] simply use the navigation bar on the right side of your screen to click through the slides. At the end of the PowerPoint click on the "Back" button at the top of your browser screen to return to this web page.

Or email us and we will send you the overview PowerPoint presentation to the What "Makes" Great Leaders "Great" workshop.

Understanding Creativity and Excelling in Communications

This one day workshop is designed to build a solid and practical understanding of the dynamics of interpersonal and group communications and how to apply these learning tools to your everyday job and personal life situations. Derek Mitchell has an extensive communications and advertising background and will lead your team through an insightful and fun day of building your team's communications competence, because as we all know... IT'S ALL ABOUT COMMUNICATION.

For more information on this workshop, just email us and we will send you an overview PowerPoint presentation to the Understanding Creativity and Excelling in Communications workshop.

Optimizing the Alignment of Your Organizational Structure and Personnel to Your Strategic Plan Implementation

Venture Planning Partners has a wide range of "hands-on" experience to help your organization to critically evaluate and facilitate Change Management and to bring your organizational structure and your strategic plan implementation into a complimentary and mutually supportive relationship. We have a wide range of servcies including:

  • Competency and skills assessment
  • Job description development
  • Organizational alignment to strategic initiatives
  • Change and risk management facilitation and counseling
  • Conflict resolution and developing cross organizational communication