Clear Sailing?

So, does Venture Planning Partners promise our clients "clear sailing" through all their Issues and Opportunities? Here are a few closing words from Derek Mitchell on this question:

No, unfortunately we can't. I wish we could! We all know it's really not that simple. Let me explain.

In your organization, as in any organization, the high level business needs and strategic goals usually are "simple" and reasonably straight forward.  Most organizations have taken the time to carefully assess and develop their strategic plans and usually the organization’s key strategies are clearly identified. However, all empirical evidence clearly points to the fact that most organizations find achieving their strategic goals is very difficult, as they strive in the complex and competitive conditions of any community or business market and operate within the social interactions found in any organization.  

Yet as we all know, we must find a way to successfully implement our plans to achieve our organization's goals.

Because it really is all about excelling in Strategic Management - excelling in implementation in demanding environments shaped by complex inter-linked challenges and opportunities.

And that is our passion and that is our focus. So we will make you this One Promise, that we will do our very best and no matter how rough the journey or how difficult the uncharted obstacles, we will stay the course with you on your journey to your strategic goals, at the fee we agreed to at the beginning of our quest.