Governance & Board Development

Venture Planning Partners has the background and skills that your organization needs to develop your Governance and Board of Directors strategic direction.

We are broadly versed in corporate governance, director and officer fiduciary responsibilities. We have experience in establishing new international companies and strategic joint ventures and we have directed the creation of numerous shareholder agreements, by-laws and incorporations for both private corporations and not for profit societies. We have a wide range of experience in participating in many board and shareholder meetings, for both the private companies and not-profit NGOs.

Our services include developing:

  • Board structure, Board Mandate and Director Selection Criteria
  • Job Descriptions for the CEO / Executive Director and Officers
  • Training workshops to educate and train new Board members to develope a full understanding of their duties and responsibilites
  • Annual Board Work Plans
  • Director compensation
  • Integration of operational structures to Board structures / committees
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Strategic Giving best business practices and policies
  • Engaging Triple Bottom Line accounting

To see a selection of slides from our PowerPoint presentation on Understanding Governance and Board of Director and Officer Responsibilities please see our Contact Us page. We will email you back the PowerPoint presentation.